Why do we use only 100% Soy Wax?

Large manufacturing companies choose paraffin wax because it is cheaper and it is easier to work with over soy, but its definitely not healthier.  Did you know? Paraffin wax is a product derived from petroleum and coal.  It has also been known to contain carcinogens such as toluene and benzene.  Toluene occurs naturally in crude oil and can be found in things like vehicle exhaust and cigarette smoke – Yuck! We definitely do not want that burning in our homes.  Have you ever lit a candle and it’s given you a headache?  That is most likely due to the emissions from the burning paraffin wax, not from the “scent” as many people think

Soy wax is a 100% natural and renewable resource that comes from soy beans.  It is non-toxic and a clean-burning fuel source.  It is an excellent fragrance carrier and so does not require added chemical amplifiers to produce a great scent throw while burning.  Soy wax is denser and it takes more heat to burn, resulting in a longer lasting candle.  Some companies will use a blend of waxes including soy, then label them as a soy candle.  Our wax is 100% pure soy 100% of the time.

Why do we use high-quality, premium fragrance oils? 

We use only the highest quality fragrance oils in our candles, and they are always paraben and phthalate free.  Phthalates are chemicals that are used in plastics to soften them and increase flexibility.  They are also used as solvents in household products.  Parabens are widely used as a preservative and are easily absorbed into your skin and stay in your body.  Both of these chemicals can be linked to conditions such as asthma and cancer and in general are just not clean or healthy ingredients.  That’s why in our candles you will only find high-quality, premium fragrance oils that never contain these chemicals.

Why do I have to burn my candle so long the first time?

It is important to burn your candle for at least 3 hours the first time, or until a full melt pool is achieved.  The first burn sets the pattern for the rest of the burn life of the candle.  Wax actually has a “burn memory”!  If you do not achieve a full melt pool on the first melt the candle will begin to “tunnel” and can make for an unpleasant experience with your candle.

You want to avoid tunnelling because:

- Your candle will not look the best.  

- It is a waste of the wax that goes un-melted on the sides.

- It will affect the scent of the candle by making it weaker as all the wax has  not melted.

Can I fix my tunnelling candle?

The answer is YES! There are ways to fix your tunnelling candle should this start to occur. If you notice a tunnel start to form early on you can correct it by:

  • making sure you burn the candle long enough the second and third time to achieve a full melt pool. 
  • Another method is to use tinfoil wrapped around the top of the candle with a space left open for the flame.  The foil will reflect the heat from the flame making it warmer and melt the surrounding wax. 
  • However, if the tunnel is too deep, melting the additional wax could cause your wick to drown.  Simply, remove the un-melted wax from the sides and use in a wax diffuser so that you can enjoy every last bit of your candle.

Why do I need to keep my wick trimmed and how do I do that?

Your candle will soot and burn too hot if the wick is left long.  This will leave the glass looking smoky and potentially decrease the life of your candle.  It could also be a fire hazard.  For optimal burning ensure that the wick is trimmed to ¼-inch before every burn.  To trim you can use scissors or nail clippers but the best way to achieve an even and accurate cut is by using a wick trimmer.  Check out our accessories page here to find them!

Why don’t you have coloured candles?

We wanted to keep our products as clean and as natural as possible.  This means using natural and limited ingredients.  Adding dyes and colours to our candles wouldn’t fit within those standards and we personally love the clean look of the natural soy wax all on its own!

Are your packing peanuts environmentally friendly?

Yes!  Our packing peanuts are 100% starch and dissolve in water.  We like to keep it as natural as possible at Lost Creek and these peanuts are the perfect solution to packing waste.

I burned my candle and now there are “pits”?

Soy wax is a natural material and it behaves like it too!  While we try our best to ensure a perfectly smooth candle for the whole burn, pitting is a natural property of soy wax and that's how you know we are using 100% premium soy wax in all of our products.  To help eliminate this, try using a candle extinguisher. Blowing on the wax can help form these pits and bumps and using an extinguisher you are not forcing air at the wax.  Find them on our accessories page here!

There is a white ring or white patch on my candle, why?

Soy is a natural product and like all natural products it is sensitive to the environment around it.  Temperature changes in the wax cause what is called frosting.  Candles that are shipped are more susceptible to frosting due to the temperature changes during transit. Frosting DOES NOT affect your candle's performance in any way and is a clear indicator the candle is actually made of 100% soy wax.

Can I re-use my vessel? 

Yes you can! Reusing candle vessels is a great way to cut down on waste.  We also have a bring your own vessel program.  Contact us for a quote on a custom pour!

How do I use your Wax Melties?

Our soy wax melties are made for use in a wax tea-light diffuser.  The traditional melters that use a lightbulb do work, however they are usually made for paraffin wax products.  If you use a lightbulb style melter make sure you get one with a 350+ watt bulb or a 2 in 1 warmer that utilizes a hot plate instead of a bulb.  For optimal results we recommend using one of our tea-light diffusers as they get warm enough to create a nice scent throw and they also are the best choice for our limited edition glitter melties.  Check out our diffusers!


If you still have questions, please Contact us!